“Enter and be amazed by this world of wonder”

Architects of Air – Alan Parkinson
do 11 okt t/m zo 14 okt 12.00 – 18.00

Het is een wonderlijke wereld: Het opblaasbare bouwwerk van Architects of Air is een kleurrijk doolhof waar je uren zou willen vertoeven. Luminarium is geïnspireerd op natuurlijke vormen, geometrie en islamitische en gotische architectuur.

“A unique musical experience from a well-known and popular Dutch company”

za 13 okt 20.00

Wat doe je als het besef van eindigheid zich in je kop nestelt? Als het lek definitief te groot is om te dichten, welke ballast gooi je dan als eerste overboord? LEK is een verbazingwekkende voorstelling over levenslust en vergankelijkheid…

Speciaal programma: ode aan Henk Boerwinkel

De internationaal gevierde poppenspeler Henk Boerwinkel werd vorig jaar tachtig jaar oud. Reden voor ons om een speciaal programma te wijden aan dit feestelijke moment: een ode aan Henk Boerwinkel. 


Puppet International is the most important festival for puppetry and object theatre of the Netherlands and Flanders. Let yourself be amazed by the magic of visual theatre at more than 25 locations throughout Meppel from 10 to 14 October. From a gigantic inflatable maze with dazzling colours to intimate performances in which objects come to life. With more than 250 performances of over 45 (inter)national makers and companies, Puppet International promises surprise, entertainment and deepening for young and old.

In this edition you will also find young makers with shows in sea containers, festive premieres, multiple family performances and three routes. Walk along three different shows in the popular Popp-en-Route, discover the city in the Meppeler-Verhalen-Route or combine theatre with a snack and drink in the Hapas-route.

Festival in Catalan atmosphere

Discover extra Catalan performances during this edition, as the festival has a focus on this Spanish region. Join a poetic journey in a hot air balloon with Farrés Brothers or see the new creation of Zero and Conducta, in which five dancers depict the thoughts of one main character. Jordi Bertran performs with his marionettes in the smallest theatre and young makers perform in sea containers.

We have chosen Catalonia because in recent editions we have seen a lot of quality from this region. The training of Jordi Bertran for puppeteers has certainly contributed to this.

With performances by Farrés Brothers, Cia Toti Toronell and Zero and Conducta. Jordi Bertran shows his performance, is part of Masters@Work and gives a masterclass. Tercio Inclusio performs in the Hapas-Route and Angel Navarro, Bruno Valls and Fills de Fusta are shown in the containers.

Made possible by Institut Ramon Llull.


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